I knew way back I promised a post on my second visit it Skuodas, but I’ve been too busy with other elements of the page to tackle it.

Hana Brener’s Yizkor book has now been translated, including the names list, and is available on Jewish Gen (see under “Of Interest”). I’m in the process of trying to obtain a copy of the original book (I’ve been working from a photocopy), and when I get it, I will scan its photos to add – and complete – the translation.

I’m working on adapting Brener’s names list for use on Shtetl Shkud so that we can create a “family” page for each family. Over time – months, years – I’d like to work on developing those pages with family trees, photos, and so on.

I’m also arranging for part of the 1948 Yizkor book to be translated into Lithuanian for Shtetl Shkud’s “shadow” Lithuanian site. Again, building that part of the site will take some time.

A few of you have emailed me with family stories, genealogies, photos, etc. Please be patient – I will keep everything and post your info on the site when the “families” sections are set up. There are, by the way, just under 170 surnames on Brener’s list –  a lot of families, and that’s not including families and individuals who left before the Holocaust.