Relationship Family/ Pre-Marriage Name First Name Father’s Name Mother’s Name Occupation or Nickname Place of birth/ Residence Age or birth date Place and date of death
Grinker Leib Yosef And family Shkud, Sauliai 37 Sauliai Ghetto
His brother Grinker Chone Yosef Malka Kravitz Shkud, Kovne 1916 In the fighting. Priekula, Latvia, 22 Feb. 194(?)
Husband Grinker Ben Tsion Isaac Charna Merchant Shkud 75 Shkud
Wife Grinker/Merovich Sarah Housewife Shkud 70 Alka Hill
Father Grinker Yosef Shkud 65 Shkud, July 1941
Husband Grinker Moshe Yosef Shoes Shkud 40 Shkud
Wife Grinker/Chatskl Leah Yakov Pina Housewife Shkud 38 Alka Hill
Son Grinker Eliahu Moshe Leah Student Shkud 15 Alka Hill
Son Grinker Elchanon Moshe Leah Student Shkud 13 Alka Hill
Son Grinker Chaim Moshe Leah Student Shkud 10 Alka Hill
Husband Grinker Aharon Yosef Shoes Shkud 42 Shkud
Wife Grinker Sheva Housewife Shkud 40 Alka Hill
Daughter Grinker/her husband Tsila Sheva Aharon And her family Shkud, Mažik 22 Mažik, 1941
Daughter Daughter of Tsila Tsila Mažik 1 Mažik, 1941
Grinker Michal Meyer Yosef Shoes Shkud 50 Shkud, July 1941
Husband Grinker Baruch Shkud Shkud
Wife Grinker/Chatskel Lina Leah Housewife Shkud Alka Hill
Daughter Grinker Bluma Eta Baruch Leah Student Shkud 1932 Alka Hill
Son Grinker Aharon Baruch Leah Student Shkud 1932 Alka Hill
Daughter Grinker Chana Freida Baruch Leah Shkud 1935 Alka Hill
Daughter Grinker Sarah Baruch Leah Shkud 1939 Alka Hill
Husband Grinker Moshe Yitzak Grain merchant Shkud Shkud
Wife Grinker/Sheupak Dusya Housewife Shkud Alka Hill
Daughter Grinker Sarah Dvora Moshe Yitzak Dusya Student Shkud 1931 Alka Hill
Son Grinker Ora Leizer Moshe Yitzak Dusya Student Shkud 1935 Alka Hill
Daughter Grinker Chana Freida Moshe Yitzak Dusya Shkud 1935 Alka Hill

According to Hana Shaf-Brener, there were eight Grinker families in Shkud.

1) Lieb Grinker, 37, son of Yosef, was married with a family.

2) Lieb’s brother, Chone Grinker, was born in 1916 to Yosef and Malka (nee Kravitz). According to Hana Shaf-Brener, “Chane Grinker fell in the battle near Priekule in Latvia in the Lithuanian 16th division of the Soviet army on 22.02.1945, a very cruel fate at the end of the war, not far from Shkud” (18).

3) Ben Tsion Grinker, 75, a merchant, son of Isaac and Charna, was married to Sarah (nee Merovich), 70. Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Tax and Voters lists indicates that Sora Grinker’s father was Simon, and that she was born in 1883. The Lithuania Marriages database records the 1936 marriage of Freide Tsire Grinker, born in 1909 to Leiba and Sora (nee Meierovich), to Cemach Gros of Mazeikiai.

4) Yosef Grinker, 65, had a son, Moshe, 40. Moshe, who worked in the shoe industry, was married to Leah (nee Chatskl), 38. Their children were Eliahu, 15; Elchanon, 13; and Chaim, 10. Yosel Wulf Grinker, son of Nokhum, appears several times in Jewish Gen’s Tax and Voters List database. The 1900 entry indicates that he was a shoemaker and was born September 14, 1874 in Moscow.

5) Aharon Grinker, 42, son of Yosef, worked in the shoe industry and was married to Sheva, 40. They had a married daughter, Tsila, who lived with her husband and one-year-old daughter in Mažik.

6) Michal Meyer Grinker, son of Yosef, 50, worked in the shoe industry.

7) Baruch Grinker was married to Lina Leah (nee Chatskel). Their children were Bluma Eta (1932), Aharon (1932), Chana Freida (1935), and Sarah (1939).

8) Moshe Yitzak Grinker, a grain merchant, was married to Dusya (nee Sheupak). Their children were Sarah Dvora (1931), Ora Leizer (1935), and Chana Freida (1935).

Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Tax and Voters Lists database indicates that the Grinker family was already established in Skuodas from 1849. The Lithuania Marriages database lists the following Shkud Grinker marriages (in addition to those mentioned above):

  • Mikhel Meer Grinker, 60, son of Mausha and Khana Sore, married Beile Rokhel (nee Berien) of Liepaja in 1924
  • Leib Zelik Faktor was married to Golde (nee Grinker). Their son Shleima married Dvora Shifra Jozef in 1939.

Jewish Gen’s Yizkor Book Necrology Database records Aharon Grinker, Leib Grinker, Michal Meir Grinker, Moshe Grinker, and Yosef Grinker.

L. Grinker (Leib?) was a member of Shkud’s  Khevre Gemara:

27KhevreGemara7 Kislev 1936.  In memory of the member Reb Moishe Taitz. The Khevre  Gemara 
in Shkud says farewell upon his going up [aliya] to our Holy Land Seated from right to left: Pin, M. Sh.; Chatzkel, N; Taitz, Moshe; Kaplanski, Y; Natanson, Y. H’Rav Dafa; Shnshvaski, A; Melamed, Y; Yoselovich, Ts; Faktor, A; Hupsha, A; Grinker, L. Valert, A; Epstein, A; Piktur, A. D.; Urdang, A. B.; Minks, M.; Yankelovich, Y. (Photo Kehilat Shkud 27)

A descendant of the Grinker family has published a photo essay, with mention of Shkud, in the New York Times; see it here.

Yad Vashem provides the following information on the Grinker families of Shkud:

Khone Grinkeris was born in Skuodas, Lithuania in 1916 to Yusel. She was a shoemaker. Prior to WWII she lived in Kaunas, Lithuania. During the war she was in the Soviet armed forces. Khone was killed in military service. This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted by her daughter.

Benzion Grinker was born in Skuodas, Lithuania in 1880 to Eisik. He was a merchant and married Sara. Prior to WWII he lived in Skuodas, Lithuania. During the war he was in Skuodas, Lithuania. Benzion was murdered in the Shoah. This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted by his niece.