Annotated Bibliography and Links

Brenner, Elinor. “Our Voyage of Discovery: Shkud.” The Judelman Family Tree. [In 2008, the author visited Skuodas to connect with her family’s roots. She wrote a short essay describing her experience there.]

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Davidas, Sophie. Looking for Litvaks blog. [The author writes about her search for her grandfather’s roots in Kelme and Skuodas.]

Gallery “Jewish Heritage in Regional Museums of Lithuania.” Centre for Studies of the Culture and History of East European Jews. [Click on “English,” then click on “Jewish Heritage in Lithuanian Museusm, then type “Skuodas” into the “Museum” search box to see a collection of 1930s photos.]

Jews in the Memories of Skuodas People. Ed. Brone Rusinskiene, 2002. Skuodas Museum Archive. (Translated from Žydai Skuodo Gyventojų Atsiminimuose.) [Interviews with Skuodas citizens about their former Jewish neighbours and the community’s destruction.] See the link under “Of Interest” on the home page.

Kihilat Shkud: Kovets Zikaron. Tel Aviv: Former Residents of Skuodas, 1948. [The New York Public Library has an online collection of Yizkor books. Click on the link for Shkud to see a scanned copy of the Hebrew/Yiddish text.]

Lietuva Senose Fotografijose. For a collection of historic photos of Skuodas, type “Lietuva Senose Fotografijose Skuodas into your browser window; or try this link.

Malkinson, Aaron. “My Shtetl Shkud.” Jewish Affairs May 1976. [A memoir.]

Memorial Book of Skuodas (Lithuania). (Translated from Kihilat Shkud: Kovets Zikaron. Tel Aviv: Former Residents of Skuodas, 1948.) JewishGen, Inc. [A Yizkor book published in Hebrew in 1948, available in English translation on the JewishGen site. Offers a general overview of the community, its institutions, prominent members, and destruction. Includes photos.]

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Shkud”: Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in Lithuania. Esther Etinger and Josef Rosin. (Translated from Pinkas Hakehillot Lita: Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities, Lithuania. Ed. Dov Levin and Yosef Rosin. Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, 1996). JewishGen, Inc. [A chapter from an encyclopedia containing information on about 500 Lithuanian Jewish communities and their histories. The more general sections on Jews in Lithuania are also worth reading.]

Skuodas. Fisher Family. [A family genealogical site with information on Shkud and other communities. Click on “Open Site,” then “Table of Contents,” and then “Skuodas.” An English translation of “The History of Shkud” by Eliahu Reiff, a version of which appears in The Memorial Book of Skuodas, is also available.]

Skuodas. People of 1000 Towns. YIVO. [click on “Search.” Log in (it’s quick and easy) and search for Skuodas to find historical photographs.]

Skuodas, Lithuania. You Tube. [enter “Skuodas” into the search box to find a number of homemade videos. My favourite is “The Laisves, Gedimino, Basanaviciaus streets home after a rain.”]

Skuodas Museum Home Page. [General information about the museum.]

Skuodas (Dimitravas Camp), Klaipeda County. International Jewish Cemetery Project. International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies. [A brief entry with some useful links.]

Skuodas: The Untold Stories. Yad Vashem. [A brief history of Shkud and its destruction with photos and documentary evidence.]

Lithuanian Bibliography (with references to Shkud)

Eidintas, Alfonsas. Jews, Lithuanians and the Holocaust. Trans. Vijolė Arbas and Advardas Tuskenis. Vilnius: Versus Aureus, 2003. Trans. of Žydai, lietuviai ir holokaustas. 2002. [A summary of this book appears on this site; a link appears on the Welcome page under “Of Interest”]

The Tragedy of Lithuania 1941-1944: New Documents on Crimes of Lithuanian Collaborators During the Second World War. Moscow: Aleksei Iakovlev, 2008. [This book is available online in PDF format. You can find it by Googling the title. Information on Skuodas is available on pp. 104-106 and 159.]