Relationship Family/ Pre-Marriage Name First Name Father’s Name Mother’s Name Occupation or Nickname Place of birth/ Residence Age or birth date Place and date of death
Widow Yudelman Leah Housewife Shkud 60 Alka Hill
Son Yudelman Isser Yitzak Leah Works in customs Shkud 37 Shkud, July 1941
Daugher Yudelman Mari Yitzak Leah Shkud 30 Alka Hill
Daughter Yudelman Riva Yitzak Housewife Shkud 35 Alka Hill
Husband of Riva Shkud Shkud
Son Riva Student[1] Shkud 7 Alka Hill
Daughter Riva 5 Alka Hill
Husband Yudelman Leib Mana Fabric shop Shkud 80 Shkud
Wife Yudelman Chana Housewife Shkud 75 Alka Hill
Daughter Yudelman Zisa Leib Chana Sewing bras Shkud 35 Alka Hill
Widow Yudelman Gita Housewife Shkud, Paris 57 Paris, France
Son Yudelman Harry Michal Gita Shkud, Paris 33 Paris, France
Daughter Yudelman Lola Michal Gita Shkud, Paris 28 Paris, France
Widow Yudelman Ela (Elka) Mana Selling 2nd-hand; medical assistant Shkud 1875 Alka Hill
Daughter Yudelman Rachel Hirsh Ela “Beauty” Shkud 35 Alka Hill
Husband Yudelman David Mayer Shkud Shkud
Wife Yudelman/Klotz Leah Housewife Shkud Alka Hill
Daughter Yudelman Shulamis David Mayer Leah Student Shkud 1932 Alka Hill
Son Yudelman Rafael David Mayer Leah Shkud 1935 Alka Hill

According to Hana Shaf-Brener, there were six Yudelman families in Shkud.

1) Leah Yudelman, 60, was a widow to Yitzak. She had a son, Isser 37, who worked in customs, and a daughter, Mari, 30.

Kehilat Shkud recalls Michal and Isser Yudelman, who worked in customs: “A large customs house stood in Shkud, near the Latvian border. In this customs house the brothers Michal and Isser Yudelman were employed as brokers, whereas in other governmental institutions no Jews were employed” (14; see also 53).

2) Riva Yudelman, 30, was the daughter of Yitzak. She was married and had two children, seven and five years old.

3) Leib Yudelman, 80, son of Mana, worked in a fabric shop. He was married to Chana, 75. They had a daughter Zisa, 35, who manufactured bras.

4) Gita Yudelman, 57, was a widow to Michal. Gita and Michal’s children were Harry, 33; and Lola, 28. The family seems to have moved to (or were visiting?) Paris, France.

Kehilat Shkud recalls Harry Yudelman: “In 1925 a non-political scout movement, Hashomer Hatzair, was founded, headed by Harry Yudelman, son of Michel and Gitta” (20)

Shkud MacabiThe “Maccabi” board, Shkud; 20.8.1928 – For the departure of member M. Urdang: Bottom row (right to left): Yosef Fisher, Tzvi Tzimbler, Leib Elishuv (now in France).
Second row: Abraham Natanson, Shlomo London, David Rodner (now in Israel), Moshe Urdang (now in the USA), Harry Yudelman, Kalman Cohen (now in the USA).
Third row: Alexander Pinta (now in Israel), Ephraim Tzisling (now in South Africa), Leib Cohen, Aharon Cohen, Alexander Mines (now in the USA) (Photo Kehilat Shkud 24)

5) Ela (Elka) Yudelman was born in 1875 to Mana. She was a widow to  Hirsh; she was a medical assistant and sold second-hand goods. Hirsh and Ela had a daughter, Rachel, 35, nicknamed “Beauty.”

6) David Mayer Yudelman was married to Leah, nee Klotz. Their children were Shulamis, born 1932, and Rafael, born 1935.

Jewish Gen’s Yizkor Book Necrology database records Iser Yudelman, Lea Yudelman, Leib Yudelman, Michal Yudelman, and Tsvi Yudelman.

Several other members of the Yudelman family are briefly described in Kehilat Shkud. Yisroel Yudelman, who died before the Holocaust, was a member of the Burial Society: “Amongst the treasurers of the Burial Society were Aharon Bloch z”l, Leib Baskind hy”d, Yaakov Segal hy”d, Hersh Reichkind z”l, and Y. Yudelman z”l (27; see also 55).

ShlomoYudelmanCopyShlomo Yudelman (Photo Kehilat Shkud 40)

Shlomo Yudelman, the son of Yehuda, was born in 1912 and attended the Hebrew Gymnasium. He made aliyah to Israel in 1933 as a member of the United Kibbutz movement, and was killed by gunfire in Israel, aged 33. For a more detailed biography, see Kehilat Shkud 40.

25 MacabiOfficial“Maccabi”, Shkud: Bottom row (right to left): Tuvia Einbinder, Leib Tzimbelov.
Second row: Eliezer Bob, Wolf Bass, Aba Levin, Reuven Gilder, Shlomo Malkin, David Bass, Leib Friedman (now in South Africa), Alexander Pinta (now in Israel).
Third row: Chaim Shalom Abramovitsch (now in France), Shlomo London, David Davidov, Yosef Fisher, Leib Elishuv (now in France), Eliezer Baskind (now in South Africa).
Fourth row: Yosef Kirzhner, Mendel Segal, Gedaliyahu Einbinder (now in Lithuania), Chaim Natanson (now in Israel), Benjamin Chin (now in South Africa), Benjamin Shtiris, Shmuel Axelrod, Abraham Bunis, Michel Fogelman, Yitzhak Aibel, Pesach Bob (now in South Africa).
Fifth row: Leib Shpetz, Abraham Friedman (now in South Africa), Meir Teitz (now in Israel), Israel Tenor, Leib Perlgeber, Shlomo Yudelman (Photo Kehilat Shkud 25)

Other members of the Yudelman families, who emigrated before the war, were also involved in Shkud’s youth groups:

18 HaNoar“Ha’Noar” association in Shkud, 20 Sivan, 5695 (June 21, 1935): Bottom row (right to left): Yitzhak Aibel, Yechezkel Yudelman (now in the USA), Shoshana Yudelman (now in the USA), Benjamin Shtiris, Mira Chatzkel, Sarah Fil (now in the USA), Abraham Yorburski.
Second row: Leah Mines, Shlomo London, Chaya Sheindling Mevezis (now in Israel), Mendel Baskind (now in South Africa), Liba Shaf, Shraga Perlgeber (now in Israel), Miriam Savel, Alexander Pinta (now in Israel), Yeshayahu Fogelman.
Third row: Liba Tov, Leah Perlgeber, Yehudit EIsen Halpern (now in Israel), Mendel Segal, Roda Chin, Sarah Reif Piotrkowski (now in Israel), Tova Levin, Miriam Katz Gelfand (now in Israel), Liba Horvitz, Pesia Dorfman, Mane Yudelman (now in South Africa).
Fourth row: Eliezer Baskind (now in South Africa), Leib Friedman (now in South Africa), Klein (now in France), Feiga Hadasin (now in South Africa), Mina Cohen, Rosa Axelrod, Abraham Tenor (now in South Africa), Temma Meller (now in Canada) (Photo Kehilat Shkud 18)

15IsraelNationalFund KKL activists in Shkud after the parade on the 25th anniversary of the passing of Dr. Herzl z”l: Bottom row, right to left: Shmuel Axelrod, Pesach Bob (now in South Africa), Eliezer Eisen.
Second row: Feivel Neiman, Yentel Savel-Vrotnitzki, Tzvi Yoselevitz, David Davidov, Rachel Savel-Elkes, Yitzhak Cohen.
Third row: Meir Hovsha, Ester Terushkin Rosen (now in Israel), Chaim Natanson (now in Israel), Yeshayahu Yudelman (now in South Africa), Chaya Sheindling Mevezis (now in Israel), Alexander Pinta (now in Israel), Mina Cohen, Gershon Faktor (now in Israel), Mordechai Shlez, Itta Yankelovitz, Meir Taitz (now in Israel), Israel Tenor (Photo Kehilat Shkud 15)

“Jews in the Memory of Skuodas People” (see link on this page) recalls that  “Judelman [first name unfortunately not given] had a small leather factory on Basanaviciaus Street. Viktoras … remembers that in the courtyard of this factory there was a leather tannery with a terrible smell. Lithuanians called Judelman “garborius,” that is, currier” (9).

For a detailed genealogy of the Yudelman family in Shkud (and beyond), including photos, see the Fisher Family website.

Yad Vashem provides the following information on the Yudelman families of Shkud:

RabbiYehudaIudelmanRabbi Yehuda Yudelman and family (Photo Yad Vashem)

Rabbi Yehuda Iudelman was born in Skuda, Lithuania. He was a rabbi and married. Prior to WWII he lived in Skuda, Lithuania. During the war he was in Skuda, Lithuania. Rabbi Iudelman was murdered in the Shoah. This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted by his grandson. http://db.yadvashem.org/names/nameDetails.html?itemId=6876839&language=en

Rakhel Iudelman was born in Skuda, Lithuania. She was married Yehuda. Prior to WWII she lived in Skuda, Lithuania. Rakhel was murdered in the Shoah. This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted by her grandson. http://db.yadvashem.org/names/nameDetails.html?itemId=6876840&language=en

Michla Iudelman was born in Skud, Lithuania in 1913 to Yisrael. She was a housewife and married. 

Michla was murdered in the Shoah. 
This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted by her brother. http://db.yadvashem.org/names/nameDetails.html?itemId=1524875&language=en

Ruth JudelmannRuth Judelmann (Photo Yad Vashem)

Ruth Judelmann was born in Berlin, Germany in 1921 to Leo. She was a pupil and single. Prior to WWII she lived in Skuodas, Lithuania. During the war she was in Skuodas, Lithuania.

Ruth was murdered in the Shoah. 

This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted by her sister. http://db.yadvashem.org/names/nameDetails.html?itemId=1466108&language=en

Eta Yudelman nee Hokhman was born in Skuodas, Lithuania in 1898 to Moshe and Sara. She was a housewife and married Barukh. Prior to WWII she lived in Liepaja, Latvia. During the war she was in Liepaja, Latvia.

Eta was murdered in the Shoah. 

This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted by her relative. http://db.yadvashem.org/names/nameDetails.html?itemId=1408118&language=en

Ettel Yudelman nee Hochman was born in Skuodas, Lithuania to Moses and Sarah. She was married. Prior to WWII she lived in Liepaja, Latvia. During the war she was in Liepaja, Latvia.

Ettel was murdered in the Shoah. 

This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted by her relative. http://db.yadvashem.org/names/nameDetails.html?itemId=760708&language=en

[1] The Hebrew ending on this word is feminine, so it’s uncertain whether this child is a boy or girl.