Relationship Family/ Pre-Marriage Name First Name Father’s Name Mother’s Name Occupation or Nickname Place of birth/ Residence Age or birth date Place and date of death
Husband Yankelovich Yakov Moshe Leib Beyla Selling tickets for ritual slaughter; active in the town Shkud 1895 Shkud, July 1941
Wife Yankelovich/Ber Frida Housewife Shkud 33 Alka Hill
Son Yankelovich Leizer Yakov Moshe Frida Student Shkud 11 Alka Hill
Daughter Yankelovich Eta Yakov Moshe Frida Student Shkud 1931 Alka Hill
Husband Yankelovich Yosef Gabbai (treasurer) of the New Synagogue, shofar-blower Shkud 60 Killed while escaping, summer 1941
Wife Yankelovich Leah Housewife Shkud 55 Killed while escaping, summer 1941
Son Yankelovich Shloime Yosef Leah Shkud 25 Fell in the front with the 16th Lithuan-ian Division, Alexeyevka, Feb 1941
Yankelovich Chaim Yitzak And family Shkud Shkud
Single woman Yankelovich Ita Shkud 45 Alka Hill
Husband Yankelovich Mayer Mordechai Leib Beyla Commercial traveller and ironworker Shkud, Sauliai 51 Sauliai ghetto
Wife Yankelovich Sheyna Hana Shloime Tuvia Shprintse Housewife Shkud, Sauliai 49 Sauliai ghetto
Husband Yankelovich Moshe Sewing shoes Shkud, Sauliai 55 Sauliai ghettoKaufring[?] Camp 4 [?]
Wife Yankelovich/Glago Freyda Mara Netanel Sarah Housewife Shkud 35 Alka Hill, 15-16 Aug. 1941
Son Yankelovich Michal Moshe Freyda Mara Student Shkud 1931 Alka Hill
Daughter Yankelovich Chavita Moshe Freyda Mara Student Shkud 1933 Alka Hill
Daughter Yankelovich Yokhl Moshe Freyda Mara Shkud 1937 Alka Hill
Husband Yankelovich Ben-Tsion Shoe Industry Shkud 65 Shkud, July 1941
Wife Yankelovich/Glago Mina Netanel Sarah Housewife Shkud 35 Alka Hill
Daughter Yankelovich Ben-Tsion Mina 5 Alka Hill
Widower Yankelovich Yisroel “Vat Shtu” Merchant Shkud 60 Shkud, July 1941
Daughter Yankelovich Tsira Yisroel Single “Beauty” Shkud 31 Alka Hill
Daughter Yankelovich Sarah Yisroel Single Shkud 34 Alka Hill
Daughter Yankelovich Etl Yisroel Mentally handicapped Shkud 37 Alka Hill
Husband Yankelovich Aba Volf Shkud Shkud
Wife Yankelovich/ Monivliski Chana Housewife Shkud Alka Hill
Daughter Yankelovich Ita Aba Volf Chana Student Shkud 1933 Alka Hill
Husband Yankelovich Alter Shkud Shkud
Wife Yankelovich/ Pilmayster Sarah Rivka Housewife Shkud Alka Hill
Son Yankelovich Hirsh Leib Alter Sarah Rivka Student Shkud 1933 Alka Hill
Husband Yankelovich Markus Mayer Shkud Shkud
Wife Yankelovich/ Yoselovich Sheyna Housewife Shkud Alka Hill
Son Yankelovich Shloime Markus Mayer Sheyna Student Shkud 1931 Alka Hill
Yankelovich Mayer And family Shkud Shkud

According to Hana Shaf-Brener, there were twelve Yankelovich families in Shkud:

1) Yakov Moshe Yankelovich, born to Leib and Beyla in 1895, was an active citizen of Shkud; his activities included selling tickets for ritual slaughter. He was married to Frida (nee Ber), age 33. Their children were Leizer, 11; and Eta, born in 1931. Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Marriages database records the 1928 marriage of Jankel Jankelovich, born to Leiba and Beile (nee Fart) of Shkud in 1894. Jankel married Freida Ber, born to Jankel and Riva (nee Kirson) of Seduva. Kehilat Shkud desribes Yakov Moshe as a “prominent figure” (44) who was one of the founders of the Youths of Zion Association in Shkud (22; see also 54).

2) Yosef Yankelovich, 60, was the gabbai (treasurer) and shofar-blower of the New Synagogue. He was married to Leah, 55. The couple were killed trying to escape Shkud in the summer of 1941.

Yosef and Leah had a son, Shloime, 25, who was killed while serving in the Soviet Army’s 16th Lithuanian Division at Alexeyevka, Feb 1941. Shaf-Brener describes, “Shloime Yankelovich and his good friend from the Halutz [Pioneers], Abrasha Luria … were killed by a direct artillery hit near Oryol in February 1943. Their last words before their deaths were ‘It’s good to die for our country!’” (18).

3) Chaim Yitzak Yankelovich was married with a family.

4) Ita Yankelovich, 45, was an unmarried woman.

5) Mayer Mordechai Yankelovich, 51, son of Leib and Beyla, was a travelling salesman and ironworker. He was married to Sheyna Hana, 49, daughter of Shloime Tuvia and Shprintse. At some point before the war, the couple moved from Shkud to Sauliai.

The business directory of “Jews in the Memory of Skuodas People” (see link this page) lists Leiba Yankelovich, whom I am guessing is the father of Mayer Mordechai (both being ironworkers) under the heading “Iron and iron goods trading” (18), and further comments, “Some Jews in Skuodas owned quite a lot of land. One of them, Leiba Jankelovich, had around 30 (or maybe even more) hectares. The land he owned extended up to the river Bartuva. And even though for a long time there has been no Leiba Jankelovich, the people of Skuodas still call this big territory by the river Leibine, although most of them do not know where this name comes from” (10).

6) Moshe Yankelovich, 55, worked in the shoe industry. He was married to Freyda Mara (nee Glago), 35, daughter of Netanel and Sarah. Their children were Michal, born 1931; Chavita, born 1933; and Yokhl, born 1937. Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Marriages database records the 1930 marriage of Mausha Yankelovich, 32, a merchant, son of Khaim Zundel and Menukhe (nee Samakh) of Skuodas. Mausha married Freide Mere Glag, 19, daughter of [illegible: Sa … ] and Sore Rimkind of Skuodas.

Kehilat Shkud recalls the shoe factory of Moshe Yankelovich as being located in the Old Town (52), and further explains, “[Gedalia] Abramovic, Moshe Yankelowitz and Moshe Leib Grinblatt were shoe producers in the Old Town. All together, the factories and craftsmen in the trade produced around 400 pairs of shoes a day” (13). “Jews in the Memory of Skuodas People” (see link this page) lists Mausha Yankelovich under the heading “Shoe workshops and factories” (20), and describes the business as a “smaller shoemaking factory with around 8-10 employees on Laisves Street, no. 61” (9).

Moshe’s son Leib survived the war: “Leiba Yankelovich, the son of the shoe factory’s owner, was appointed editor of the new local Skuodas newspaper ‘Pergale’ [‘Victory’]. The people of Skuodas remember him as a fair and righteous person” (“Jews in the Memory” 15).

7) Ben Tsion Yankelovich, 65, worked in the shoe industry. He was married to Mina (nee Glago), 35, daughter of Netanel and Sarah. They had a five-year-old daughter. Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Marriages database records the 1937 marriage of Bencel Yankelovich, a cobbler, born in 1895 to Zundel and Menukhe of Skuodas. Bencel married Minde (nee Glag), born in 1911 to Sanel Sroel and Sore (nee Rakhkind) of Skuodas.

8) Yisroel Yankelovich, 60, was a widower and a “vat shtu” merchant. He had three unmarried daughters: Tsira, 31, nicknamed “Beauty;” Sarah, 34; and Etl, 37, who had a mental disability. (Note: am unable to decipher the meaning of “vat shtu,” spelled double-vov, tes; shin, tes, vov. Perhaps it is a nickname for either the business or Yisroel himself?) 

9) Abba Volf Yankelovich was married to Chana (nee Monivliski). They had a daughter, Ita, born 1933. Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Marriages database records the 1924 marriage of Abo Volf Yankelovich, a merchant, born 1901 to Sroel and Khana of Skuodas. Abo Volf married Reize Montviliski, 22, daughter of Leib and Mariyasha of Shkud.

10) Alter Yankelovich was married to Sarah Rivka (nee Pilmayster). They had a son, Hirsh Leib, born 1933. Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Marriages database records the 1932 marriage of Alter Yankelovich, 32, a butcher, son of Meyer and Ele (nee Heiman) of Skuodas. Alter married Sara Rivke Pilmeister, 33, daughter of Shloime and Feige of Skuodas.

11) Markus Meyer Yankelovich was married to Sheyna (nee Yoselovich). They had a son, Shloime, born in 1931.

12) Mayer Yankelovich lived in Shkud with his family.

Jewish Gen’s Yizkor Book Necrology database records the names of Bentzion, Chaim Yitzhak, Israel, Meir, Meir Mordechai, Moshe, Yacov Moshe, and Yosef Yankelowitz.

Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Directories database indicates that Aron Jankelevitz survived the war and was “found in Germany” in 1946.


Y. Yankelovich (Yisroel?) was a member of Shkud’s Khevre Gemara:27KhevreGemaraIn memory of the member Reb Moishe Taitz. The Khevre  Gemara 
in Shkud says farewell upon his going up [aliya] to our Holy Land Seated from right to left: Pin, M. Sh.; Chatzkel, N; Taitz, Moshe; Kaplanski, Y; Natanson, Y. H’Rav Dafa; Shnshvaski, A; Melamed, Y; Yoselovich, Ts; Faktor, A; Hupsha, A; Grinker, L. Valert, A; Epstein, A; Piktur, A. D.; Urdang, A. B.; Minks, M.; Yankelovich, Y. (Photo Kehilat Shkud 27)

 Moshe and Ita Yankelovich were members of the Israel National Fund:

16 Farewell PartyA farewell party for the wedding of Israel National Fund member Rachel Savel in Shkud, 27 Iyar, 5690 [May 25, 1930]. Bottom row (right to left):Israel Tenor, Miriam Savel, Meir Taitz (now in Israel). Second row: David Davidov, Rachel Savel, Israel Shaf, Yentel Savel-Vrotnitzki (now in Israel), Moshe Yankelovitz. Third row: Shlomo London, Masha London, Liba Tov, Chaim Natanson (now in Israel), Rachel London, Mina Cohen, Michel Chin, Alexander Pinta (now in Israel), Itta Yankelovitz, Yitzhak Cohen. (Photo Kehilat Shkud 16)

 Israel National FundKKL activists in Shkud after the parade on the 25th anniversary of the passing of Dr. Herzl z”l: Bottom row, right to left: Shmuel Axelrod, Pesach Bob (now in South Africa), Eliezer Eisen.
Second row: Feivel Neiman, Yentel Savel-Vrotnitzki, Tzvi Yoselevitz, David Davidov, Rachel Savel-Elkes, Yitzhak Cohen.
Third row: Meir Hovsha, Ester Terushkin Rosen (now in Israel), Chaim Natanson (now in Israel), Yeshayahu Yudelman (now in South Africa), Chaya Sheindling Mevezis (now in Israel), Alexander Pinta (now in Israel), Mina Cohen, Gershon Faktor (now in Israel), Mordechai Shlez, Itta Yankelovitz, Meir Taitz (now in Israel), Israel Tenor (Photo, Kehilat Shkud 15)

Shlomo Yankelovich was a member of Hashomer Hatzair:

Shkud Hashomer“Ha’Shomer Ha’Tzair”, the Shkud troop, 1930: Bottom row (right to left): Moshe Kangisser (now in South Africa), Jacob Kravitz, Meir Sheindling, Hirt Tov (now in Rhodesia), David Gruppel (now in Israel), Yosef Taitz, Moshe Falk, Chaim Elkin.
 Second row: Yosef Peltz (now in Israel), Tzipa Sher, Perlgeber, Meir Hovsha, Daniel Prochovnik Pirchiyahu (now in Israel), Alexander Pinta (now in Israel), Gitta Taitz, Zalman Gruppel (now in Israel), Miriam Tov, Eliyahu Fogelman (now in the USSR), David Peltz, Chaim Urdang, Eliezer Bob.
 Third row: Sarah Belkind (now in Lithuania), Gelle Perlgeber, Shalom Binder, Feige Perlgeber, Shlomo Yankelovitz, Meir Taitz, Chaya Peltz Yaakobi (now in Israel), Tzipora Taitz Freilichman (now in Israel), Tzipa Singer.
 Fourth row: Eliyahu Reif (now in Israel), Leib Yitzhak Mines, Dvora Segal, Feiga Fogelman, Hinda Segal (now in Lithuania), Rachel Bob, Etta Shlez (now in Australia), Mina Baskind, Ester Sheindling, Hinda Savel Rathoiz (now in Israel), Sheina Baskind. 
Fifth row: Aba Bloch, Tova Mines, Israel Tenor, Shlomo Yitzhak Fogelman, Shlomo Taitz (now in Israel), Temma Taitz (now in the USA), Daniel Abramovic (now in the USA) (Photo Kehilat Shkud 20)

Yad Vashem provides the following information on the Yankelovich families in Shkud (for information on Yakov Moshe Yankelovich and Mayer Mordechai Yankelovich and their families, see here):

Eta Jankelevitz was born in 1925. Prior to WWII she lived in Skuodas, Lithuania. During the war she was in Dachau, Germany.

This information is based on a List of persecuted persons found in Card file of Jewish inmates in Dachau camp. http://db.yadvashem.org/names/nameDetails.html?itemId=6490419&language=en