Relationship Family/ Pre-Marriage Name First Name Father’s Name Mother’s Name Occupation or Nickname Place of birth/ Residence Age or birth date Place and date of death
Husband Vander Bentsel Ben Tsion Shkud Shkud
Wife Vander/Yelovich Klara Housewife Shkud Alka Hill
Daughter Vander Guta Zelta Bentsel Klara Student Shkud 1931 Alka Hill
Son Vander Iser Bentsel Klara Student Shkud 1934 Alka Hill
Vander Moshe Merchant Shkud 40 Shkud
Widow Vander Elka Seamstress. “Elka the Black” Shkud 60 Alka Hill
Sister of Elka Vander Vander Simcha And family Shkud, Sauliai 58 Sauliai ghetto
Vander Ben Tsion And family Shkud Shkud, July 1941

According to Hana Shaf-Brener, Bentsel BenTsion Vander was married to Klara, nee Yelovich. The couple had two young children: a daughter, Guta Zelta, and a son, Iser.

Moshe Vander, apparently unmarried, was a merchant.

A 60-year-old widow, Elka Vander, “Elka the Black” (presumably for her black hair), a seamstress, lived in Shkud, as did her younger sister, Simcha, who was killed in the Sauliai ghetto with her family.

Ben Tsion Vander (the same as Bentsel BenTsion?) lived in Shkud together with his family.

According to Jewish Gen’s All Lithuanian Revision List 3 database, the Vanders were already established in Shkud in 1816.

Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Marriages database reveals that Bencel Vander, a merchant, born in 1895 to Bere Chalel and Khaya Riva Vander, of Skuodas, married Klare Yelovich, a dressmaker, born in 1899 to Khaim and Basa Hinde. The marriage took place in Skuodas in 1923.

The same database indicates that Bencel had a brother, Motel, born in 1902. Motel married Menuche Brauer, daughter of Itsik Leib and Rochel Leja of Seda, in 1932.

Jewish Gen’s Internal Passports database indicates that Marta Vides, nee Vander, born in 1901 to Ber Tsalel Vander, applied for an internal passport in 1931. Perhaps Marta was also a sibling of Bentsel BenTsion?

The Lithuania Marriages database also records the marriage of Ela Vainder (could this be Elka the Black?) to Iankel Rubin, a tailor born in the Siauliai district, in 1935. At the time of this marriage, Ela was a widow. She was born in 1891 to Meir and Basa Iozef in Skuodas.

Jewish Gen’s Yizkor Book Necrology database lists Ben Tsion Vander; it is unclear whether or not Ben Tsion and Bentsel Ben Tsion were the same person.

As of April 2014, Yad Vashem has no information on the Vander family of Shkud.