Relationship Family/ Pre-Marriage Name First Name Father’s Name Mother’s Name Occupation or Nickname Place of birth/ Residence Age or birth date Place and date of death
Husband Turk Mayer Shkud, Libau Libau, Latvia, summer 1941
Wife Turk Shkud, Libau Libau
Daughter Turk Sarah Mayer Shkud, Libau Libau
Single Turk Isser Shkud Shkud
Husband Turk Netanel Mayer Chana-Tsipe Money merchant Shkud 1906 Shkud, July 1941
Wife Turk/Kaganson Chana-Riva Berl Feiga Malka Housewife Shkud 32 Alka Hill
Son Turk Yeshaya Netanel Chana-Riva Student Shkud 1933 Alka Hill
Son Turk Mordechai Netanel Chana-Riva Student Shkud 1936 Alka Hill
Husband Turk Avraham Tanner Shkud 45 Shkud
Wife Turk Housewife Shkud 40 Alka Hill
Daughter Turk Sarah Avraham Student Shkud 17 Alka Hill
Son Turk Avraham Student Shkud 15 Shkud
Son Turk Avraham Student Shkud 13 Alka Hill
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Daughter Turk Avraham Student Shkud 10 Alka Hill
Husband Turk Chaim Shkud, Sauliai 47 Sauliai Ghetto
Wife Turk There were several children Shkud, Sauliai 53 Sauliai Ghetto

According to Hana Shaf-Brener, there were five Turk families in Shkud.

Mayer Turk, together with his wife and daughter, Sarah, moved to Libau (present-day Liepaja, Latvia).

Isser Turk was unmarried.

Netanel Turk, born in 1906 to Mayer and Chana-Tsipe, a money merchant, was married to Chana-Riva, aged 32, born to Berl and Feiga Malka Kaganson. The couple had two sons: Yeshaya, born in 1933, and Mordechai, born in 1936.

Avraham Turk, a tanner, aged 45, was married and had four children: Sarah (17), another daughter, whose name we do not know (10), and two sons, 15 and 13.

Chaim Turk, 47, was married with several children. The family lived in Sauliai.

According to Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Marriages database, Sender Sanel [Natanel] Turk, son of Meyer and Khane Tsipe (nee Blokh) of Skuodas, a merchant, born in 1903, married Hene Rive Kagan, born in 1906 to Ber and Feige Malke Pelts, in Skuodas, 1930.

Chaim Turk, born to Meyer and Tsipe in Skuodas in 1898, married Eide Gurvich in Siauliai in 1926. Jewish Gen’s Yizkor Book Necrology Database lists Abraham, Chaim, Meir, and Netanel.

According to Kehilat Shkud, Turk (first name unspecified, but probably Avraham) was a tanner: “The shtetl’s tanners, Shpitz (now in South Africa), Hochman, Turek and Kopelovitsch in the New Town and Grinblatt in the Old Town, purveyed most of the needed raw materials to Shkud’s shoe factories” (13; see also 52). The document “Jews in the Memory of Skuodas People” (see link on this page) lists Abraom Turk under the heading “Shoe workshops and factories” in its business directory (20), and also notes that Avraham Turk ran a small shoemaking factory with 8-10 employees (9). Iser Turk is also listed as a meat trader operating on Gedimino Road 13 (19).

Kehilat Shkud describes the murder of Netanel Turk:  On the night of June 29, following a day of violence and murders, “the Germans set aside four Jews, who were forced to clean the Jewish houses in the old town and prepare them as dwellings for the German soldiers, as the houses of the old town were not damaged by the fighting. The four Jews ordered to do the work [were] Reuven Gilder, Moshe Leib Grinblat, Netanel Turek and Josef beRabi Yehuda Levin.” They were later shot (47).

Yad Vashem has this to say about the Turk family of Skuodas:

Schane [Netanel] Turk was born in Skuodas, Lithuania in 1906 to Meir and Tzipa. He was a merchant and married Khana. Prior to WWII he lived in Skuodas, Lithuania. Schane was murdered in the Shoah. This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed on left) submitted by his brother-in-law, a Shoah survivor. http://db.yadvashem.org/names/nameDetails.html?itemId=917235&language=en

Chana Turk was born in Skuodas, Lithuania in 1907 to Dov and Malka. She was a housewife and married Natanel. Prior to WWII she lived in Skuodas, Lithuania. During the war she was in Skuodas, Lithuania. Chana was murdered in the Shoah. This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed on left) submitted by her brother-in-law, a Shoah survivor. http://db.yadvashem.org/names/nameDetails.html?itemId=924594&language=en

Yeshayahu Turk was born in 1931 to Schane and Rivka. He was a child. Prior to WWII he lived in Skuodas, Lithuania. Yeshayahu was murdered in the Shoah. This information is based on a Page of Testimony. http://db.yadvashem.org/names/nameDetails.html?itemId=8938941&language=en

Mordekhai Turk was born to Schane and Rivka. Prior to WWII he lived in Skuodas, Lithuania. Mordekhai was murdered in the Shoah. This information is based on a Page of Testimony. http://db.yadvashem.org/names/nameDetails.html?itemId=8938942&language=en