Relationship Family/ Pre-Marriage Name First Name Father’s Name Mother’s Name Occupation or Nickname Place of birth/ Residence Age or birth date Place and date of death
Widower Shereshevski Aharon Merchant Shkud 75 Shkud
Single daughter Shereshevski Aharon Housewife; played the piano Shkud 38 Alka Hill

According to Hana Shaf-Brener, Aharon Shereshevski, a merchant, lived in Shkud. His unmarried daughter, whose name we do not know, played the piano.

According to Kehilat Shkud, Aharon Sereshevski, who was called the Drubianer Melamed, ran a cheder (28, 55). He was also a member of the Gemara Society.


In memory of the member Reb Moishe Taitz. The Khevre  Gemara
in Shkud says farewell upon his going up [aliya] to our Holy Land Seated from right to left: Pin, M. Sh.; Chatzkel, N; Taitz, Moshe; Kaplanski, Y; Natanson, Y. H’Rav Dafa; Shrshvaski, A; Melamed, Y; Yoselovich, Ts; Faktor, A; Hupsha, A; Grinker, L. Valert, A; Epstein, A; Piktur, A. D.; Urdang, A. B.; Minks, M.; Yankelovich, Y. (Kehilat Shkud 27)

According to Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Tax and Voters Lists database, Aron Shereshevski, the son of Yankel, was a poor melamed living in Skuodas with five family members in 1904. The 1909 record lists Chaya Shereshevski, daughter of Aron, age 17, a shop assistant with seven rubles in a postal savings account. The 1914 record indicates that Sara Shereshevsky, daughter of Aron, age 15, lived in Bazarnaya Square, was a cashier, and had two rubles in a postal savings account. The Lithuania Marriages database indicates that in 1922, Ida Shereshevski, daughter of Aron and Glike of Skuodas, born 1898, married Abi Simon of Darbenai. In 1930, Sara Shereshevsky, age 32, daughter of Aron and Glike (nee Levi) of Skuodas, married Mikhel Khait of Varniai. In 1938, Dvera Shereshevski, daughter of Aron and Glike of Skuodas, born in 1902, married Abram Daniel Blokh in Skuodas.

The Lithuania Deaths database indicates that Glike Shereshevski, daughter of Khaya and Bencion Levi of Skuodas, died in 1937, aged 75, of pneumonia. Aron and Glike also had two sons born in Darbenai: Yankel and Dovid, born in1885 and 1889 respectively. The family was originally from Vidukle.

As of November 2013, Yad Vashem provides no information on the Sharashevski family of Shkud.