Relationship Family/ Pre-Marriage Name First Name Father’s Name Mother’s Name Occupation or Nickname Place of birth/ Residence Age or birth date Place and date of death
Husband Neiman Faivl Artist, merchant, drama director Shkud 40 Shkud
Wife Neiman/Berkovich Riva Housewife Shkud 30 Alka Hill
p. 66
Son Neiman Yoel Faivl Riva Student Shkud 1935 Alka Hill
Son Neiman Lipman Faivl Riva Student Shkud 1938 Alka Hill

According to Hana Shaf-Brener, Faivl Neiman, an artist, drama director, and merchant, lived in Shkud with his wife Riva (nee Berkovich). The couple had two sons, Yoel and Lipman.

According to Kehilat Shkud, Faivl was an organizer and the director of the Drama Society: “A number of amateurs amongst the young people of Shkud established this group. Twice a year members performed plays for the public. Amongst the plays were “Selling of Joseph,” “Mirele Ephros,” “The Darfsyung,” “King Lear,” “Yoske the Musician,” and “The Big Winnings.” Members of the group performed recitations and readings in Hebrew. Profits were donated to educational and social activities. Amongst the directors, Fievel Neyman (hy”d) should be noted” (30; s.a. 57).

Faivl was also a member of the Israel National Fund.

15IsraelNationalFundKKL activists in Shkud after the parade on the 25th anniversary of the passing of Dr. Herzl z”l

Bottom row, right to left: Shmuel Axelrod, Pesach Bob (now in South Africa), Eliezer Eisen.
Second row: Feivel Neiman, Yentel Savel-Vrotnitzki, Tzvi Yoselevitz, David Davidov, Rachel Savel-Elkes, Yitzhak Cohen.
Third row: Meir Hovsha, Ester Terushkin Rosen (now in Israel), Chaim Natanson (now in Israel), Yeshayahu Yudelman (now in South Africa), Chaya Sheindling Mevezis (now in Israel), Alexander Pinta (now in Israel), Mina Cohen, Gershon Faktor (now in Israel), Mordechai Shlez, Itta Yankelovitz, Meir Taitz (now in Israel), Israel Tenor (Kehilat Shkud 15).

According to Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Tax and Voters Lists database, Faivl Neiman, the son of Ioel, was 13 years old in 1908. The Lithuania Marriages database records the marriage of Faivel Neiman, born in 1896 to Abrom Joel and Feige Libe,  to Hene Riva Borukhovich, age 29. The marriage took place in 1934. The same year, according to the Lithuania Deaths database, Feige Neiman, nee Bruck, daughter of Sroel and Rokhe, died in Skuodas of heart disease, aged 62. The Yizkor Book Necrology database lists Shraga (often a variant of Faivl) Neiman as having been killed in Shkud.

Yad Vashem has this entry on Yoel Naierman, probably the father of Faivl Neiman:

Yoel Neierman was born in Pikeliai, Lithuania in 1883 to Simkha and Khana. He was married to Feige. Prior to WWII he lived in Skuodas, Lithuania. During the war he was in Skuodas, Lithuania. Yoel was murdered/perished in 1941 in the Shoah. This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted by his uncle (