Relationship Family/ Pre-Marriage Name First Name Father’s Name Mother’s Name Occupation or Nickname Place of birth/ Residence Age or birth date Place and date of death
Mother Fisher Chaya Housewife Shkud 70 Alka Hill
Son Fisher Hirsh Chaya Butcher Shkud 50 Shkud, July 1941
Wife Fisher/Segal Rachel Berl Housewife Shkud 46 Alka Hill
Daughter Fisher Hinda Hirsh Rachel Student Shkud 1930 Alka Hill
Son Fisher Mendel Hirsh Rachel Student Shkud 1930 Alka Hill
Daughter Fisher Chana Hirsh Rachel Student Shkud 18 Alka Hill
Son Fisher Akiva Hirsh Rachel Student Shkud 15 Shkud, July
Son of Chaya Fisher Freidl Chaya Agricultural farm Shkud 45 Shkud, July
Wife Fisher Housewife; on the farm Shkud 32 Alka hill
Son Fisher Freidl Student Shkud 9 Alka Hill
Son of Chaya Fisher Yosef and his family Chaya and family Grain merchant Shkud 35 Shkud, July
Son of Chaya, widower Fisher Leizer Chaya Bakery Shkud 40 Shkud
Husband Fisher Chona Chanan Shkud Shkud
Wife Fisher/Horevich Mina Housewife Shkud Alka Hill
Daughter Fisher Eta Yochana Chona Chanan Mina Student Shkud 1930 Alka Hill
Daughter Fisher Basya Chona Chanan Mina Student Shkud 1935 Alka Hill
Son Fisher Yakov Yehuda Chona Chanan Mina Student Shkud 1932 Alka Hill

According to Hana Shaf-Brener, there were six Fisher families in Skuodas.

1) Chaya Fisher, presumably a widow, 70.

2) Chaya’s son Hirsh Fisher, 50, a butcher. Hirsh was married to Rachel (nee Segal), 46, daughter of Berl. Hirsh and Rachel’s children were Chana, 18; Akiva, 15; Hinda, 11; and Mendel, 11. Girsh Meyer, son of Kivel, appears in Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Tax and Voters Lists database  in 1909, at which time he was 16 and described as a shoemaker’s son. Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Marriages database records the 1923 marriage of Hirsh Meer Fisher, 30, a merchant, son of Akiva and Khaya of Skuodas, to Ester Rokhel Segal, 26, daughter of Ber and Khana Segal of Skuodas.

3) Chaya’s son Freidl Fisher, 45, who worked on a farm, was married. He and his wife, 32, had a 9-year-old son. Freyde Fisher, son of Kivel, appears in Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Tax and Voters Lists database in 1908, at which time he was 13 and worked as an office boy in a store. According to Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Marriages database, Freide Fisher, born 1896, son of Akiva and Chaja (nee Rivkind) of Skuodas, married Yenta Klevanski, daughter of Mausa Itsik and Chaja Tauba of Siauliai in 1926.

A Freyde Fisher, son of Itsik, born around 1898, also appears in the Tax and Voters List database for 1914.

4) Chaya’s son Yosef Fisher, 35, a grain merchant, was married with a family. Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Marriages database records the 1929 marriage of Yosel Ber Fisher, 28, son of Akiva and Maie [should be Khaie?] of Skuodas, to Sara Olshvang, daughter of Tode and Beile Olshvang of Plunge.

5) Chaya’s son Leizer Fisher, 40, who worked in a bakery, was a widower.

6) Chona Chanan Fisher was married to Mina (nee Horevich). Their children were Eta Yochana, 11; Yakov Yehuda, 9; and Basya, 6. JewishGen’s Lithuania Deaths database reveals that Izrael, son of Khonon and Mina, died at four months in 1924. Base, daughter of Khan and Mine (nee Hurvich) died at three months in 1935.

The following Fisher marriages are recorded in Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Marriages database:

  • Sara Tsipe Fisher, born in 1898 to Kivel and Chaja of Skuodas, was married in 1937 to Josel Ever, son of Leib Aizik and Chana of Skuodas.
  • Rebeka Fisher, born in 1898 to Kivel and Chaja Dobe of Skuodas, was married in 1929 to Israel Mozes Teits of Pikeliai.
  • Freidel Fisher, born in 1898 to Itsik and Ete of Skuodas, was married in 1925 to Rochel Gauze Beinikson, born to Mendel Mause and Ester of Gargzdai.
  • Paulina Fisher of Skuodas was married to Bendet Tove. Their daughter, Freide Libe Tov, born 1912, married Markus Fogelman of Skuodas in 1936.
  • Marjam Fisher was married to Itzak Khatskel. Their son Hirsh, born 1906, married Yente Jankelovich of Skuodas in 1931.

Jewish Gen’s Yizkor Book Necrology database records Chana Fisher, Chaya Fisher, Eliezer Fisher, Fraydel Fisher, Tsvi Fisher, and Yosef Fisher.

Yosef Fisher was a football player:

Shkud Macabi The “Maccabi” board, Shkud; 20.8.1928 – For the departure of member M. Urdang: Bottom row (right to left): Yosef Fisher, Tzvi Tzimbler, Leib Elishuv (now in France).
Second row: Abraham Natanson, Shlomo London, David Rodner (now in Israel), Moshe Urdang (now in the USA), Harry Yudelman, Kalman Cohen (now in the USA).
Third row: Alexander Pinta (now in Israel), Ephraim Tzisling (now in South Africa), Leib Cohen, Aharon Cohen, Alexander Mines (now in the USA) (Photo Kehilat Shkud 24)

 Shkud MacabiOfficial“Maccabi”, Shkud: Bottom row (right to left): Tuvia Einbinder, Leib Tzimbelov.
Second row: Eliezer Bob, Wolf Bass, Aba Levin, Reuven Gilder, Shlomo Malkin, David Bass, Leib Friedman (now in South Africa), Alexander Pinta (now in Israel).
Third row: Chaim Shalom Abramovitsch (now in France), Shlomo London, David Davidov, Yosef Fisher, Leib Elishuv (now in France), Eliezer Baskind (now in South Africa).
Fourth row: Yosef Kirzhner, Mendel Segal, Gedaliyahu Einbinder (now in Lithuania), Chaim Natanson (now in Israel), Benjamin Chin (now in South Africa), Benjamin Shtiris, Shmuel Axelrod, Abraham Bunis, Michel Fogelman, Yitzhak Aibel, Pesach Bob (now in South Africa).
Fifth row: Leib Shpetz, Abraham Friedman (now in South Africa), Meir Teitz (now in Israel), Israel Tenor, Leib Perlgeber, Shlomo Yudelman (Photo Kehilat Shkud 25)

Hana Shaf-Brener describes the fate of Leizer Fisher: “Leizer Fischer hid on his brother Freidel’s farm, in Narvod, in the country. Lithuanian countrymen betrayed him to the Germans, and he was taken away under guard. He was brought to the Shaul Hall. In Shkud they stopped and he asked for mercy – for water and for bread. A Lithuanian woman neighbour, Karbauskiene, immediately brought him water and bread. They tortured him terribly, and didn’t let him eat or drink” (10).

Saul Fisher was an actor. In his memoir, “My Little Town, Shkud,” Leon Bernstein recalls the Shkud dramatic society: “How can one forget the Bialik and Peretz evenings, the performances of “Jephtha the Judge”? When I was 21 years old, I played with Saul Fisher (whose name means so much to a Shkuder) in a Yiddish play – can I ever forget that?”

Yad Vashem provides the following information about the Fisher family of Shkud. For information (and photos) on Chaya Fischer, Leizer Fisher, and Freidel Fisher, see here.

Rivka Fischer nee Fogelman was born in Skuodas, Lithuania in 1898 to Fishel. She was married Ignatz. Prior to WWII she lived in Riga, Latvia. During the war she was in Riga, Latvia. Rivka was murdered in the Shoah. This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted by her sister.