Davidov Family photos

All photos on this page courtesy the Davidas family, descendants of Naftali Elyahou (Tolia), who emigrated to France before the Holocaust.

Shloyme?1935Postcard dated March 13, 1925. Verso: “To my dear brother, Naftali Elyahou David, to the memory of [illegible].” Signed, Shlomo Yehuda David.


NaftaliSchoolCert2School certificate of Naftali Elyahu, born 1910, dated 1927. Eliyahu was attending gymnasium in Liepaja, Latvia.

DavidFamily1934Photo dated 1934. Pese Malke, David’s first wife, is at left, with David beside her. Shloyme is at the rear.


In internal picture, L-R: Pese Malke, Shloyme Yehuda, Naftali Elyahou, David Davidov. Pese Malke died Nov. 16 1935. Photo is probably 1935. Looking at the internal picture, David Davidov is at the left, Naftali at the right, probably sitting shivah for Pese-Malke.

DavidFamilyShiva?1936Probably 1935, as above.

tombe-mere-tolia2Tomb of Pese Malke Davidov in the Shkud Jewish cemetery, 1936

tombe-mère-toliaTomb of Pese Malke Davidov in the Shkud Jewish cemetery, 1936

tolia-1936-né1910Naftali, 1936

pere-tolia-dteL-R: Unknown man and woman, David Davidov. The woman is probably David Davidov’s second wife, Malka (nee Kristal), married in March 1937. Photo July 1937

davidas-juillet1937L-R: Cousin of Shloyme and Naftali, Naftali, David, unknown man, Malka (nee Kristal) (?), Shloyme’s wife Monya (?), Shloyme. July 1937.

famille-lituanieL-R: Naftali, cousin, unknown man and Malka (?), David, Shloyme, Monya (?). July 1937.

portraits-lituanieLarge picture, L-R: Shloyme, David, Naftali. Smaller photos: the brothers Shloyme and Naftali with their cousin. Photos undated.

freretoliarectoL-R: Monya, Shloyme. July 9, 1938. Verso of postcard: “Our beloved brother Tolya [Naftali], Monya and Lalu [Shloyme].”

mariageWedding: David Davidov at far left. Photo undated.

Letter1940The last letter Naftali and his wife Viviane, living in France, received from their family in Skuodas. Dated June 2, 1940.