Relationship Family/ Pre-Marriage Name First Name Father’s Name Mother’s Name Occupation or Nickname Place of birth/ Residence Age or birth date Place and date of death
Husband Chatskel Yakov In merchandise Shkud 72 Shkud, July 1941
Wife Chatskel Pina Housewife Shkud 67 Alka Hill
Son Chatskel David Yakov Pina With his family Shkud 40 Shkud
Son Chatskel Mayer Yakov Pina With his family Shkud 36 Shkud
Daughter Chatskel Basya Yakov Pina Shkud 32 Alka Hill
Chatskel Yakov And his family Shkud 35 Shkud
Chatskel Tsvi And his family Shkud 32 Shkud
Widow Chaya Ita Housewife Shkud Alka Hill
Daughter Daughter of Chaya Ita Shkud Alka Hill
Chatskel Tsvi And family Shkud Shkud
Husband Chatskel Hirsh Shkud Shkud
Wife Chatskel/ Yankelovich Yenta Housewife Latvia, Shkud Alka Hill
Son Chatskel Yitzak Hirsh Yenta Shkud 1932 Alka Hill
Daughter Chatskel Chaya Sheyna Hirsh Yenta Shkud 1935 Alka Hill

According to Hana Shaf-Brener, there were six Chatskel families in Shkud:

1) Yakov Chatskel, a dealer in merchandise, 72, and his wife, Pina, 67, had three children: David, 40; Mayer, 36; and Basya, 32. According to Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Deaths database, Yakov and Pine’s daughter Mire died in 1929, age 27, of tuberculosis. Their sons David and Mayer were married with families of their own.

2) Yakov Chatskel, 35, and his family

3) Tsvi Chatskel, 32, and his family

4) Chaya Ita Chatskel, a widow, and her daughter

5) Tsvi Chatskel and his family [the name appears twice; it’s not clear if this is an error or if there were indeed two Tsvi Chatskels]

6) Hirsh Chatskel, his wife, Yenta (nee Yankelovich) and their two children, Yitzak, born 1932, and Chaya Sheyna, born 1935. Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Marriages database records the 1931 marriage of Hirsh Khatsel, born in 1906 to Itsik and Marjam (nee Fisher), to Yente Jankelovich, born in 1910 to Isroel and Tserne (nee Berg).

In 1930, Lina Khakel, born in 1905 to Yankel and Pere, married Boruch Aron Griuker [Grinker??], born in 1902 to Yosel and Menukhe Malke (nee Kravic).

Jewish Gen’s All Lithuania Revision List Database 3 records Khatskels living in Shkud from 1851.

Jewish Gen’s Yizkor Book Necrology Database records Azriel Chazkel, Manachem Chazkel, Nachum Chazkel, Tzvi Chazkel, Yacov Chazkel, and Yacov Chazkel (two individuals).

According to “Jews in the Memory of Skuodas People” (see link this page), Hirsh Chatskel was a trader in meat; his business was on Laisves str. (19). A memoir in the same document gives an interesting look at Jewish-Christian relations: “Jews did not eat pork; their religion did not allow it. ‘But there was a Jew named Kachkel living on Vytauto Street. Once he came to our house at dinnertime. We were eating roast bacon. Mother invited the Jew to the table. And he ate that meat with us, and praised it, saying how tasty it was. Once my brother brought his classmate Gytis to our house. Again, our mother treated him with bacon. Just then, Gytis’s mother came by, and she was very upset when she saw what her son was eating. But then she calmed down, thinking that he was just a kid, and that there is no sin in that. I remember another Jewish family, one brother and two sisters. They were very poor, so they ate anything edible they could get. I also saw them eating pork’” (11).

Mira Chatskel was a member of Shkud’s youth group Ha’Noar:

18 HaNoar“Ha’Noar” association in Shkud, 20 Sivan, 5695 (June 21, 1935): Bottom row (right to left): Yitzhak Aibel, Yechezkel Yudelman (now in the USA), Shoshana Yudelman (now in the USA), Benjamin Shtiris, Mira Chatzkel, Sarah Fil (now in the USA), Abraham Yorburski.
Second row: Leah Mines, Shlomo London, Chaya Sheindling Mevezis (now in Israel), Mendel Baskind (now in South Africa), Liba Shaf, Shraga Perlgeber (now in Israel), Miriam Savel, Alexander Pinta (now in Israel), Yeshayahu Fogelman.
Third row: Liba Tov, Leah Perlgeber, Yehudit EIsen Halpern (now in Israel), Mendel Segal, Roda Chin, Sarah Reif Piotrkowski (now in Israel), Tova Levin, Miriam Katz Gelfand (now in Israel), Liba Horvitz, Pesia Dorfman, Mane Yudelman (now in South Africa).
Fourth row: Eliezer Baskind (now in South Africa), Leib Friedman (now in South Africa), Klein (now in France), Feiga Hadasin (now in South Africa), Mina Cohen, Rosa Axelrod, Abraham Tenor (now in South Africa), Temma Meller (now in Canada) (Photo Kehilat Shkud 18)

N. Chatzkel (the Nachum Chatzkel appearing in Jewish Gen’s Yizkor Book Necrology database? – see above) was a member of Shkud’s Gemara Society:

27KhevreGemaraIn memory of the member Reb Moishe Taitz. The Khevre  Gemara
in Shkud says farewell upon his going up [aliya] to our Holy Land Seated from right to left: Pin, M. Sh.; Chatzkel, N; Taitz, Moshe; Kaplanski, Y; Natanson, Y. H’Rav Dafa; Shnshvaski, A; Melamed, Y; Yoselovich, Ts; Faktor, A; Hupsha, A; Grinker, L. Valert, A; Epstein, A; Piktur, A. D.; Urdang, A. B.; Minks, M.; Yankelovich, Y. (Photo Kehilat Shkud 27)

As of May 2014, I could find no records on Yad Vashem on the Chatskel families of Shkud.