Rachel Aizen

RachelMines-AizenRachel Eisen, May 1935

Mines Family, Skuodas May 31, 1935. Sender Mines is in the rear, left. In the rear, right, is Sender's brother Josel. His mother, Rachel (nee Eisen), is centre. Names of his sisters and nephews are unknown.
Rachel Eisen and her family, Skuodas, May 1935

Rachel Eisen, my paternal grandmother, was married to Meyer Mines. My father, Sender Mines, appears at the left rear in the photo above.

Jewish Gen’s Lithuania Marriages database records that  Rochel Aizen was married to Meyer Mines. Their son Sender Mines married his cousin Chaja Mines  in 1937. Another son, Elias Mines, married Cipe Prisman in 1939. For more information on the Mines/Aizen family, see under Meyer Mines here and under Sender Mines here.